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Türkiye urges West to ‘distance itself from Israeli war crimes’

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan on Friday call on the West to separate itself from Israeli “war crimes.”

“Western world should distance itself from Israel’s war crimes. Any conditional or unconditional support to Israel is a blank check for the killing of more Palestinians,” Fidan told the International Strategic Communication (Stratcom) Summit in Istanbul.

“History will not forget the intolerance to the Palestinian flag and calls for peace in today’s Europe, where attacks on the holy Quran are supposedly accepted as freedom of expression,” he added.

The genuine peace is only possible with justice, international cooperation, and truth, the Turkish foreign minister stressed.

Disinformation about Gaza

Fidan said disinformation that had paved the for interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and plunged the region into chaos is now surfacing in Gaza.

He said there are two types of disinformation regarding “war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank” after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

“The first is the biased attitude of many Western media outlets that ignore the human tragedy suffered by the Palestinians. The other is the institutionalized disinformation, which is not limited to the Oct. 7 events, that Israel is trying to convince the whole world by hiding the facts.”

Fidan further said that no one should legitimize “Israel’s merciless killing of people in Gaza” as a right to self-defense.

“We should not allow Israel to cover one war crime with another. Therefore, we must reach a permanent solution through new discourses and methods,” he asserted.

Fidan said that Tel Aviv’s aim is to render the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict ineffective with its actions in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza.

He added: “It is widely accepted that the only viable solution to the Israel-Palestine issue is an independent, sovereign, and its geographically integrated Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Fidan reiterated that Türkiye will never shy away from taking on its responsibilities and standing by Palestinians in their cause.