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Türkiye hopes to share Ramadan together ‘under the flag of a free Palestine’: Parliament speaker

Turkish Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus said Thursday that he hopes to visit Gazans during Ramadan and have a fast-breaking dinner (iftar) together under the flag of a free Palestine.

“You are guests at our table, and just as you have honored us with your presence, we hope to visit your tables in Gaza under the flag of a free Palestine in the upcoming Ramadan, and we will share iftar together,” Kurtulmus said during a fast-breaking dinner at the Turkish Grand National Assembly hosting Gazan Muslims.

Kurtulmus said Türkiye aims to alleviate the pain, show brotherhood, pray for martyred Gazan brothers, keep them in their memories and increase determination for the Palestinian cause.

He also noted that the Gaza issue revealed great pains and human drama but also opened the door to new developments worldwide, pointing out that a great massacre is taking place in Gaza while a great example of resistance is also being demonstrated.

“It is one of the most important epics of resistance in human history…We do not forget Ahed Tamimi standing up against Israeli soldiers when she was only 11 years old, her mujahideen and defiant attitude. Similarly, we do not forget the photograph of Muhammad al-Durrah being martyred by Israeli soldiers behind his father when he was 12 years old.

“You have experienced it firsthand, and there are still members of your family remaining there. The heroes of the Palestinian cause continue to grow, new heroes emerge, and from among the martyrs of Gaza, new heroes sprout, and the resistance continues to strengthen. Israel wanted to test the people of Palestine, especially Gazans, by bombing hospitals and dropping bombs on people waiting for aid,” he said.

Kurtulmus also said the spirit behind this resistance was not understandable to Zionists and materialistic worldly people.

“The father who kisses his child from under the rubble knows that our brothers in Palestine await the moment of victory after every martyr and struggle with this heart and courage. Otherwise, there is no other meaning to people in Gaza, who have no shelter, not even a wall to seek refuge, to have such a great spirit of resistance; being tested with hunger, deprivation and oppression.”

Kurtulmus stressed that interest in the Palestinian cause had increased significantly worldwide, noting that what happened in Palestine and especially in Gaza served as guidance for all humanity.

He also said that despite the pressures from governments and their supportive attitudes toward Israel in many parts of the world, it was not an easy task for millions of people to go out and stand by the people of Gaza.

“A human front has been established everywhere in the world that stands for justice, fairness, compassion and conscience. This human front is one of the most beautiful heralds of new quests for the establishment of a new world. Thus, millions of people who do not resemble us in their religions, languages, cultures and civilizations but who meet on the common ground of humanity have become the millions who embrace Gaza more than the silent majorities of the Muslim world. Hopefully, at the end of this test of patience, anguish, tolerance and submission, there is great good news.”

“First and foremost, to our Gazan brothers and sisters, and to all Palestinians and all Muslims, the good news that will come will hopefully be realized with the awakening of this human front; a sovereign, free Palestine State with the capital Jerusalem will be established, ensuring complete territorial integrity, and this Palestinian State will be recognized by the nations of the world in the shortest time possible,” he noted.

He also said that all of Israel’s calculations had gone astray, and those who committed these massacres and oppression would not find any country to support them in the world anymore, noting that the establishment of the Palestinian state would take place soon.

Kurtulmus concluded that since the beginning of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, he had held meetings with many heads of state, presidents and parliament speakers from various countries.

“Almost everyone now sees that there is no way other than a two-state solution. The Palestinian state will definitely be established,” he said.

After his speech, Kurtulmus conversed with Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya and the Gazan guests.