Babies born during Savings Week to receive €800

The CBCG Governor Radoje Zugic and chairpersons of management boards of commercial banks have signed an agreement for the implementation of the Savings Week campaign, according to which the babies born during that week will receive €800.

The campaign is being implemented for the twentieth consecutive time to celebrate World Savings Day on 31 October under the slogan “The First Step to a Secure Future”.

“On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the campaign, the amount of savings that babies born from 31 October to 6 November 2023 will receive as a gift has been doubled to €800. The CBCG gives away €400, and the commercial bank in which parents open a savings account, another €400. A total of €800 will be deposited into the child’s savings account for one year, after which the parents can withdraw the money or continue saving,” stated a press release issued by the CBCG.

So far, 2,516 babies have received their first saving deposits, for which purpose the CBCG and the commercial banks allocated €469,000 each.

The CBCG Governor Radoje Zugic expressed his satisfaction with the fact that all commercial banks had accepted the CBCG’s initiative to double the amount of the first savings on the occasion of the twentieth Savings Week.

“In this longest-lasting socially responsible campaign in Montenegro, the CBCG and commercial banks allocated almost a million euros for the first savings of babies born during the Savings Week”, said Zugic.

He stated that the campaign aimed to promote savings and their positive effects but also contributed to reducing adverse demographic trends.