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Vice President Iotova: Our Ambition Is to Put Memorial Plaque to Ivan Vazov in Cetinje

“Our ambition is to put a memorial plaque to Ivan Vazov here, in the centre of Cetinje, and why not name a street after the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature, because this is the only foreign author who wrote the wonderful ode dedicated to Montenegro called “Montenegro”, Iotova said. Vazov was a prominent Bulgarian poet and novelist, often referred to as “the Patriarch of Bulgarian literature”.

The Vice President noted that the cities of Cetinje and Veliko Tarnovo (in Bulgaria) are sister cities. She pointed out that in Bulgaria a plaque will be put or a street will be named after one of the greatest Montenegrin poets – Petar Njegos.

Later on Friday, Iotova conferred with Montenegro’s Culture Minister Tamara Vujovic.

At the meetings with Djuraskovic and Vujovic, the Bulgarian Vice President presented an idea for establishing a special status for old European capitals, which would allow the creation of special funds to finance their development. Yotova also stressed the importance of cultural routes between different countries, which would also boost tourism.

The good cooperation between Bulgaria and Montenegro in various fields was underscored at the meetings.

Iotova highlighted Bulgaria’s support for Montenegro’s European integration. Bulgaria can be useful to Montenegro by sharing its experience as a member of the European Union, she noted.

The Vice President also visited Cetinje Monastery and held a meeting with Metropolitan Joanikije. The two discussed the need for trust in faith, especially in today’s time of constant crises and wars.