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Turkish fighter jet KAAN to offer unique technologies

Türkiye’s first fifth generation fighter jet KAAN, which made its maiden test flight last week, will have unique features once it is launched.

The country’s Scientific and Technological Research Council’s (Tubitak) is developing the aircraft with a special focus on technologies for invisibility, life-support and explosion preventive systems, according to information received by Anadolu.

The aircraft offers superior air dominance, increased air-to-air combat range with new weapons, and precise strikes at supersonic speeds with its high performance avionics system.

New software and hardware will be added to the aircraft.

Technologies developed by Tubitak, including the central management computer, avionic interface units, deterministic network, multi-core real-time operating system and middleware software, were used in the first flight of KAAN.

The computer system, the brain of KAAN, was also developed by Tubitak.

Tubitak’s Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) will conduct the integration process of the missile, weapon systems and kits such as Som A, Som B1, Som B2, Hgk 82, Hgk 83, Hgk 84, Neb, Gokhan, Kgk 82, Kgk 83, Gokdogan and Bozdogan.