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Nikolla: Bulgaria’s support for EU integration, strategic investment in security of the region

TIRANA, Feb  26 /ATA/ Parliament Speaker, Lindita Nikolla, described Bulgaria’s role in supporting the integration of the Western Balkan countries into the European Union as a strategic investment in the security of the region.

In a joint press conference alongside her Bulgarian counterpart, Rossen Jeliazkov, in Tirana, Nikolla added that this position of Bulgaria is a guarantee for the security of the region, especially when third parties are trying to increase their influence in the Balkans.

“I expressed my gratitude to my colleague Jeliazkov for Bulgaria’s consistent and outspoken support on Albania’s European integration journey, which will continue during the negotiation process,” said Nikolla.

“Albania appreciates the constructive foreign policy of Bulgaria, the focus on good neighborly relations and the efforts to increase the role in regional initiatives. I also appreciated Bulgaria’s role as a proponent of the Western Balkans’ integration into the European Union, which we consider as a strategic investment and guarantee for its security in the future, especially when third parties are working to increase their influence in the region,” Nikolla pointed out.

Nikolla also highlighted the alignment of foreign policies between the two countries.

“Bulgaria and Albania maintain good cooperation within the United Nations, which was confirmed during Albania’s term in the Security Council. Our countries hold the same positions regarding the illegal and unjustified Russian aggression against Ukraine, and we reaffirm our support for the rehabilitation of Ukraine,” said Nikolla.

In the economic aspect, she said that the two countries have large spaces to intensify bilateral cooperation. We assessed that there is potential for both countries to expand bilateral cooperation in areas of mutual interest, infrastructure, energy, mining industry, agriculture, ICT, education, culture, environment, sports, security…etc.

In her remarks, the Parliament Speaker emphasized that during the meeting she appreciated the role of national minorities, as a bridge of cooperation and cultural assets. “Our countries see national minorities as a bridge for long- lasting friendship, as well as an asset for our values and societies,” she added.