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“Tirana 2023” Book Fair opens its 26th edition

The 26th edition of the “Tirana 2023” Book Fair opened today in the capital with the participation of 95 publishing houses.

Under the motto “The book unites us all”, the fair was opened with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Book and Reading Center.

Minister of Culture Elva Margariti, present at the opening ceremony of the fair in the lobby of the Palace of Congresses in Tirana, described it as a long-awaited event by every publisher, author and translator.

“The book fair is an event that adds the atmosphere in the threshold of the national holidays. There are 5 days filled with promotions, meetings and discussions on the challenges facing the book and reading”, said Margariti.

The book fair brings together publishing houses from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro, writers, poets, translators and readers, who are familiar with new publications, discuss the issues of contemporary literature, translation into the Albanian language and many other activities with authors and researchers.

During the days of the fair, writers from Albania, Kosovo, but also foreigners will be present. The guest will be Lilian Thuram, an outstanding footballer, but this time he comes as a writer, as well as Ilide Carmignani, a personality of literature, not only Italian but also European, the Italian author Alessio Puleo, the Italian author Viola Ardone and others.

The fair carries in its agenda a series of promotional activities. On November 18, there will be awarded the 4 annual prizes, selected by the jury headed by journalist Arta Marku.

The book fair has already become a tradition where book lovers frequent the premises of the Palace of Congresses. For all regular readers, this fair is one of the most important events and one of the biggest events for the large range of publishing houses and for the large number of titles.

The Book Fair “Tirana 2023” will remain open until November 19 for visitors to the Palace of Congresses.