Osmani: Kosovo should get candidate status for the EU, Serbia is playing according to Putin’s playbook

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has stated that Serbia has recently proven to be a very loyal Russian representative that is trying to play according to Putin’s playbook by destabilizing the Western Balkans and, on the other hand, opening a new front against the West.

Osmani at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, which was held today in the Kingdom of Denmark, and in which she discussed Kosovo’s efforts to protect and strengthen democracy, as well as the importance of integrating Kosovo and other aspiring countries into the institutions Euro-Atlantic in light of geopolitical developments.

Osmani told those present that our determination to protect freedom remains unwavering, but that democracy is not and cannot be an independent effort, but requires alliances.

According to her, the uncertainty about Kosovo’s path towards Euro-Atlantic integration creates a very dangerous vacuum which paves the way for Russia and its representatives to undermine all our collective achievements.

Osmani added that it is extremely important that the countries of the Western Balkans that meet the criteria move forward quickly with a strong Euro-Atlantic integration agenda.

During the visit to the Kingdom of Denmark, President Vjosa Osmani will hold meetings with state leaders and will also meet the Albanian diaspora in this country.