Tickets for Gala Night ‘Rame Lahaj & Friends’ are on sale – the magical evening with the ‘Three Tenors’ in ‘Skenderbeu’ Square

All of you who want to secure your seat to enjoy the magical evening of operatic art, Gala Night ‘Rame Lahaj & Friends’ can buy tickets through the link: https://www.rave-travel.com/tickets-en as well as at the physical points of sale: ‘Soho Bar’ in Pejë, ‘Vector Diamond’ in Prizren, and ‘Rave Travel’ in Prishtina.

The musical evening which this year will conclude the fourth edition of the International Opera Festival – Rame Lahaj will be held on August 2 in “Skenderbeu” Square in Prishtina, starting at 20:30. On the stage set up in the heart of the capital, the Kosovar tenor of the world stages, Rame Lahaj, will be accompanied by Charles Castronovo, internationally known as one of the best tenors of his generation, as well as Murat Karahan, a well-known opera star, known for his varied repertoire of over 50 leading roles worldwide, awarded ‘Most Successful Opera Artist of the Year’. The three tenors will be accompanied on stage by the Kosovo Opera Orchestra, led by Maestro Sascha Goetzel, the dynamic and charismatic conductor well known for his collaborations with prestigious orchestras all over the world.

The fourth edition of RLIOF (Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival) will be held between July 21 and August 2. This edition includes an exhibition, a master class and five musical evenings. The festival will open with the evening ‘Nexhmije Pagarusha’ dedicated to Albanian music and will conclude with the Evening Gala – Rame Lahaj & Friends’. The “Nexhmije Pagarusha” evening will be held on July 22 in “Zahir Pajaziti” square.

The exhibition will open in the Gallery of the Faculty of Arts on July 21 and will be open to the public from July 22, while the singing masterclass will be held between July 23-27. The “Opera Night” evening will be held on July 24 at the Amphitheater of the University Library, while the “Ensemble Evening” will be held on July 26 at “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina. The “New Generation” evening will be held on July 28 at the Amphitheater of the University Library.

The fourth edition of the Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival will unite voices from around the world to honor the musical heritage passed down through generations. Inspired by the memories of tenor Rame Lahaj, who was raised with the well-known songs of Albanian music sung with his mothers blessing ‘May your heart sing’ this year, the RLIOF festival connects musical heritage with the personal stories of artists through the universal language of opera.

The festival uses the power of operatic voices as an echo for family values, love for genuine musical true art and the role of the mother in shaping artistic identity. Through performances that come from the depth of the heart, diverse memories and experiences, we will revive in operatic art form the songs of our mothers that continue to resonate in our hearts, shaping artistic personalities and serving as an inexhaustible inspiration for our souls.

Under the theme ‘May Your Heart Sing,’ the RLIOF festival aims to inspire love for the past, enrich the present, and inspire new generations to sing with their hearts and make their way to prestigious opera stages.

RLIOF 2024 has opened the call for participation in the masterclass with the vocal master Dario Russo as well as the special guest of this edition, Matteo Pais from the ‘Academia del Maggio Musicale’. We welcome applications to the email address direction@rliof.com until July 10, 2024.