The value of imported wine in BiH is four to five times higher than the value of exported wine

From January 1 to July 31 this year, the statistical value of wine imported into Bosnia and Herzegovina amounted to 21.43 million KM, and that of exported wine to 5.36 million KM, thus continuing the trend of imports being many times higher than exports.

In 2022, 8.48 million liters of wine with a value of 39.49 million KM were imported, while 3.16 million liters with a value of 7.66 million KM were exported, the Indirect Taxation Administration (ITA) of BiH confirmed for FENA.

The situation was similar in previous years, so in 2021, 8.4 million liters of wine worth 33.74 million KM were imported, while 3.2 million liters worth 6.37 million KM were exported.

Therefore, the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH recently adopted the Law on the Organization of the Wine Market in BiH, which confirms the appropriate compliance with European Union regulations in the area of the wine market.

It was stated that this law seeks to ensure greater competitiveness and better access of producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to European and world markets, along with better conditions for wine production.

A significant part of the law refers to the systematic regulation of the area in connection with designations of origin and to the labeling, presentation and advertising of wine products, as well as to the placing of these products on the market, their supervision and control, including provisions on organic wines, flavored wine products and fruit wines.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within whose framework the Group of Wine Producers and Exporters in Bosnia and Herzegovina also operates, pointed out that winemakers have repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to organize this area to be competitive in the world market.

It is specified that about 18 million liters of wine are produced annually in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and about 70 producers are registered.