The Ukrainian journalist demands the recognition of Kosovo by Ukraine in the middle of Kiev

The Ukrainian journalist, Iryna Synelnyk, while mentioning the non-imposition of sanctions against Russia by Serbia, said that the time has come to stay with those who support them and recognize Kosovo.


Iryna Synelnyk and Luidmyla, Ukrainian journalists who stayed in Kosovo and have now returned to Ukraine for family reasons, have sent photos to the Association of Journalists of Kosovo as a sign of thanks.


Synelnyk wrote on Facebook that Ukraine still does not recognize the Republic of Kosovo, which declared its independence in 2008, and Serbia continues to oppose the expansion of the circle of countries that have diplomatic relations with Prishtina.


She also mentioned the meeting between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the Balkan Summit in Greece.


“However, after taking part in the Crimean Platform, the very next day, representatives of the Serbian government declared that they did not support Ukraine in the issue of the deoccupation of Crimea. Serbia provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine, there are separate attempts to supply weapons. But it does not introduce sanctions against Russia, and often changes its position. Including making statements: “If Ukraine recognizes Kosovo, it will lose everything in one day.” Serbia presents Russian interests in the Balkans. And the advertisement in the promotion of one of the TG channels with the slogan – “Russians and Serbs – brothers forever” is recently mentioned. Therefore, it can be assumed that this country will act according to the scenarios created in the Kremlin. On the other hand, Kosovo, whose citizens survived the war in 1998-1999, unquestioningly supports Ukraine. Therefore, it is probably time to be with those who support us and do not impose conditions. Time to recognize Kosovo! After participating in the “Residence in Kosovo” program, one would like to believe that Kosovo will be the first country with which Ukraine will establish diplomatic relations after the victorious end of the war.” she wrote.