The Serbian terrorist organization threatens minister Sveçla


The organization “Severna Brigada” (Northern Brigade) has threatened the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, after the announcement of the discovery of a large number of weapons, including automatic weapons, cartridges, hand grenades, and explosives in Zveçan.

They have openly threatened Sveçla by writing publicly on Facebook that “I will personally punish (liquidate) you, we are just waiting for the moment”.

According to KosovaPress sources, this profile through which Minister Sveçla was threatened really belongs to the terrorist organization “Severna Brigada” (Northern Brigade).

Otherwise, Sveçla said today that the Kosova Police on Tuesday discovered a large number of weapons in a house in Zveçan, including automatic weapons, cartridges, hand grenades, and explosives.

He announced in a post on Facebook that this house was used for the collection and distribution of weapons for Serbian criminal groups.