The renovation of the Oncology Clinic is inaugurated; Kurti: Patients will have better quality services

From today, citizens will be offered new services at the UCCK Oncology Clinic. With this renovation, the number of beds has also been increased. This investment has cost the Ministry of Health 600 thousand euros.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, during the inauguration of the renovation of the Oncology Clinic, said that the list of essential drugs has been expanded from eight million to 13 million euros.

“We have a substantial investment of around 600,000 euros that has transformed this much-needed clinic in a very significant way for the doctors, nurses, support staff, who are in total 70, and the patients. They had 45 beds, now there are 60 beds and soon there will be 110 beds. With the new … that we have installed, the waiting list is zero, there is no waiting, which cost 1,440 million euros. The process of providing the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer is going very well and at the same time the list of essential drugs has been expanded, because the drugs are expensive and the budget has been increased from 8 million to 13 million euros. Compared to three years ago, the budget for the list of essential medicines has increased from 24 million euros to 60 million euros. In Kosovo, the citizens of the Republic who become patients buy about 120 million euros of drugs, half of this cost is paid by the state, and the patients pay the other half from the previous 20 percent state payment, which has been changed to 50 percent,” Kurti said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health Arben Vitia has added that now patients will receive all services in the best quality way.

“Very happy that a clinic so vital and so important for a very important group of patients, in our Republic from now on in this clinic will receive much better quality services with many, many drugs, without a waiting list for radiotherapy, in extremely good and dignified conditions. I wish that there will be as few diseases as possible, but those who will need it will of course now receive all the services in the best quality way”, added Vitia.