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HJC strategy for case backlog clearance until 2027, Manja: New justice is up and running

TIRANA, May 20 /ATA/ Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja, said on Monday that the new strategy for clearing the case backlog in courts drawn up by the High Judicial Council is an indication of the fact that the new and independent judiciary is up and running.

In his address at the activity organized by the HJC, which launched the new strategy of the HJC for the case backlog clearance in the courts 2024-2027, he said that the HJC is the government of independent justice and the launch of this strategy is an indicator and fact that the new justice system is functioning. Manja said that this strategy brings justice institutions together to the benefit of citizens.

According to him, “the strategy presented today tackles the root cause of the problem, which is the case backlog. It is already known why the case backlog was created.”

“I am glad that the HJC itself brought us all together today, so that we can take our responsibilities to make sure the justice is delivered for citizens. A justice system that delivers solutions is perceived by the public as a justice system in action,” Manja.

“The launch of this strategy by the HJC is good news for legal practitioners and citizens. I avail myself of the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the document for the progress of Albania on the pathway to EU accession, but also for the citizens,” he emphasized.

The new strategy drawn up by the HJC brings together all justice institutions and aims to provide solutions to the case backlog, which have not yet been judged by the judiciary. The strategy envisages that the case backlog will be cleared within 2027.