Salt, fodder put out to help wildlife and birds on hunting grounds through the winter

During the harsh winter times, rangers on hunting grounds put out additional food for wildlife, offering salt, hay and corn; similar measures are being taken during the freezing period in the case of birds, for which nests and feeders have been set up, the Buzau County Forestry Directorate informs.

“In winter time, it’s mandatory to ensure the food of the game animals, therefore we put out hay to the tune of 28 tons, some 24 tons of corn throughout the winter period, foliage harvested during the summer … we also put out around 5 tons of salt. In the mountain area we have two grounds in Siriu and Gura Teghii, around 80 specimens of deer live there. In the cold period, any organism must have its diet supplemented with substantial food, so that we provide these extra amounts,” said Liviu Marfiuc, the person in charge of hunting management at the Buzau Forestry Directorate.

Several dozen more tons of food are distributed during the winter by the Buzau County Sport Hunters and Fishermen Association (AJVPS), both for the animals living on the hunting grounds and for the birds.

Also, the Buzau City Hall, with the support of AJVPS, the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) and Urbis Serv SRL, set up feeders for deer and wild birds in the Crang (Shrubland) Park.