The “Prishtina 2024” fair, an opportunity to empower young investors

The International General Fair “Prishtina 2024”, organized by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, has officially opened in which companies from Kosovo and beyond are promoting their products and services, in order to expand, penetrate and increase their participation in foreign markets.

Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi said that this fair helps promote and network local businesses, attract new investors, increase exports and generate income for businesses, so that Kosovo is positioned as strongly as possible in the economic market.

While referring to the data of the World Bank, Bislimi showed that during the last three years Kosovo has achieved an average economic growth of 6.2 percent.

“Fairs like this help promote and network local businesses, offer market expansion opportunities and attract new investors… Events like this promote exports and diversification of our economy, attract tourists and generate income for local businesses, contributing to a stronger and more dynamic economy in Kosovo… For us, it is very important that the country’s businesses and our products have the strongest possible positioning in the market, for which we have so far supported over 250 businesses in promoting their products and services at 41 international fairs, increasing competition outside of Kosovo. . World Bank data show that during the last three years, Kosovo has achieved an average economic growth of 6.2 percent” said Bislimi.

The President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Lulzim Rafuna, has spoken about the developments in this fair as an opportunity for new investments, discussions and the presentation of successful enterprises.

“Our fair has consistently provided opportunities for networking, discussion and exchange of knowledge and best business practices.It is a place where local businesses find new markets, international investors discover new opportunities. The participation of such a diverse group of countries and organizations is a clear indication of our common commitment to build a bright future with perspective for the youth and the entire Kosovar society. In addition, during this fair there will be important discussions on investments, the region’s challenge fund and the presentation of successful enterprises. These discussions are very important, to identify new investment opportunities and to address the challenges facing our country,” said Rafuna.

The Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci, said that the Prishtina 2024 fair builds bridges of cooperation and the promotion of local products and that their continuous promotion should be an orientation for the future for our institutions.

The acting director of USAID, Kerry Monaghan-Hogler, has appreciated the important role of Kosovar businesses in creating new connections with economies in Europe and beyond. She mentioned the wood processing sector as a success, where the growth of this industry generated over 200 million euros in exports.

The Chairman of the Saudi South East Europe Business Council Abdulrahman Almufarreh said that they have signed an agreement with the Kosova Economic Chamber, with which they intend to increase business cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Kosovo. The International General Fair “Prishtina 2024” will be open to visitors until May 31.