The population census has been postponed due to prolonged public procurement procedures

Although the deadline for the population census was expected to start from September, due to the short time for the necessary preparations, this deadline has been postponed for two months. This was announced by the deputy head of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Ilir Berisha.


In an interview for KosovaPress, Berisha, while explaining the reasons for the government’s latest decision to postpone this deadline, says that the reason for this was the prolonged public procurement procedures.

He emphasized that all the necessary preparations have been made to start from November with the population census, including the creation of municipal commissions in most municipalities, except for the northern ones, for which he added that they expect the mayors to start with these preparation, for them to make proposals for committee members.

Berisha said that a large part of the registration budget during 2011 was provided by donors and there was a need for the engagement of the UNOPS organization, but this time this similar agreement was not possible. He said that the registration will start from November 1 with a duration of one and a half months, until December 15 of this year.

Berisha, while showing the preparations that have been made for the population census, encourages all citizens of all communities in Kosovo to respond positively to the population census.

In order to make all the necessary preparations, Berisha says that this year they even have also cut their vacations short.