Artisan Fair in Golem, promotion of traditions and cultural heritage

The Artisan Fair brought together in Golem dozens of artisans from Kavaja and various cities of Albania such as Durrës, Tirana, Elbasan, Vau Dejës, Berati, and Gjirokastra.

Organized as part of the ArtCult project, this fair showcased products carefully made by the hands of artisans that attracted the attention and aroused the curiosity of all present.

Many local and foreign tourists, visitors and holidaymakers visited the fair and stopped at the tables filled with various handicraft products: loom works, pottery, folk costumes, carpets, embroidery, needlework, filigree, etc. known for the craftsmanship and creativity of artisans in the production of handmade products.

The fair was an ideal opportunity to create links between consumers and artisans.

Many local and foreign visitors and tourists were amazed by the wonderful works that the artisans had created and often did not hesitate to buy valuable products from the rich fund of rich cultural heritage.

The event clearly demonstrated how such initiatives help in increasing the self-esteem of artisans for their work, improving marketing, networking and empowering women artisans.