The government asks the EU to remove punitive measures

The Government of Kosovo requests from the European Union the removal of punitive measures against Kosovo, after the further reduction of the presence of the police in and around municipal facilities. According to the executive, they remain committed to the de-escalation of the situation in the north, and this is proven by the implementation of the Bratislava agreement.

From the office of the deputy prime minister, at the same time the chief negotiator in the dialogue, Besnik Bislimi, they say that the measures of the European Union towards Kosovo were unfair and as such should be removed.

“We have continuously emphasized that the measures against Kosovo have been unfair and should be removed. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has been and remains committed to de-escalation, which was proven by the agreement in Bratislava and the implementation of its steps on the part of Kosovo”, says Klisman Kadiu, adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi.

The European Union has imposed punitive measures against Kosovo due to not taking actions to escalate the situation in the north. These measures entered into force on June 28, while they include the suspension of the funding program for Kosovo, the suspension of ongoing support for procurement and the signing of contracts, the suspension of participation in high-level events, the suspension of bilateral visits, as well as the proposal submitted by Kosovo for the investment framework for the Western Balkans that will not be processed at this time.

The European Union has requested greater commitment from the Kosovar side for the implementation of the requirements for the full extension of the situation in the north, including the announcement of elections in the north.