Kosovar companies cannot present their products to Apple and Google

Kosovar companies cannot register developer accounts on “Google” and “Apple”, because Kosovo is not recognized on these two platforms. New businesses from the country are facing this problem, which say that they are being penalized in presenting their products. On the other hand, the government promises that measures will be taken in this direction.

The co-founder of the local company StarLabs, Darsej Rizaj, while saying that this issue is problematic for the country, asks all responsible associations and corporations to deal with this, but emphasizes that the biggest burden falls on the state.

“Today our state has a problem that as a new business it cannot register a developer account either with Google or with Apple, and this is penalizing us as a state in the future as a start-up or a company presenting new products to the public , to burst into the market. Today this is a very big serious problem, something that we did not see as a problem a year and a half ago and now it has appeared and this issue deserves the proper attention so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible… This should be dealt with by anyone who can and has access to these large corporations, and any kind of influence, it is good to deal with it, it is not something that should be left to the state alone. I believe that associations should also deal with this, even individual companies, if they have any connection, because pushing this agenda forward is very important. But as the main actor, part of the burden also falls on the state”, said Rizaj.

According to him, this problem should be fixed as soon as possible, because businesses lose the opportunity to promote their products on these platforms.

Regarding this problem, the government has promised to help in fixing this issue, says Rizaj after a meeting he had with one of the prime minister’s advisers, Albin Kurti.

On the other hand, Rizaj shows how journalists can use artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, he also mentioned the disadvantages of artificial intelligence in terms of journalism, for which he says that this digital platform can help you work but not get all the job done.

In the end, Rizaj says that we must be very vigilant when using artificial intelligence, as it is very difficult to notice even the address from which it is coming, and there may be cases of hacking and fraud.