The end of the process of clearing BiH from cluster munitions marked at a ceremony in Sarajevo

The Center for Demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Commission for Demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the non-governmental organization Norwegian People’s Aid, marked today in Sarajevo the completion of the process of clearing Bosnia and Herzegovina of cluster munitions.
The director of the Center Saša Obradović stated that the contamination of Bosnia and Herzegovina with cluster munitions occurred during the last war and amounted to 14.61 square kilometers in 140 locations throughout our country.
“The ‘steel rain’, as cluster munitions are often called due to their extensive and devastating effects, claimed 195 human lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the signing of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Production, Use, Storage and Transfer of Cluster Munitions, and its ratification in 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the last approved extension from 2021, undertook to clear all remaining known areas with cluster munitions by September 1, 2023,” said Obradović.
He pointed out that the specified deadline was met and that all the tasks on the removal of cluster munitions were completed in accordance with the planned deadlines, and that 7,932 pieces of cluster munitions were found and destroyed.
Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Rainertsen pointed out that his Government and the Embassy supported the Norwegian People’s Aid for 12 years in order to reach today’s milestone and the complete removal of cluster munitions in BiH.
“With the support of our embassy, a total of 12.7 square kilometers of contaminated area was cleaned and returned to use for the benefit of BiH citizens,” said Rainertsen.