The Conference on parliamentarism: The inclusion of women, a prerequisite for peace and democracy

Women’s participation in peace and security processes is not simply a matter of equality and fairness, but is a cornerstone for achieving long-term peace and stability in our country, in the region and beyond.

This was said at the regional conference “Parliamentarism and Resolution 1325: Perspectives from the Western Balkans”, while it was emphasized that the agenda for women, peace and security, among other things, has the main goal of positioning women as equal partners in all areas related to peace and security.

The President of the country, Vjosa Osmani said that in the axis of Kosovo’s history, both during the time of peaceful resistance and during the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army, but also after the war in the process of peace building and state building, the role of women has decisively advanced peace and security in our country.

She expressed her happiness that Kosovo has been selected as one of the four countries in the world in which the Regional Center of Excellence for Women, Peace and Security will be established.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjucfa, said that on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of Resolution 1325 by the United Nations, which came as a reconfirmation of the important role and increase in the number of women in peace and security processes, assessed that it is important to talk about the progress and challenges in including the gender dimension in these processes.

Konjufca said that the inclusion of women in the peace and security process is a prerequisite for sustainable peace and democracy.

Among other things, the head of the Assembly assessed that the active participation of women in matters of security, justice and conflict resolution is essential.

Despite the obvious challenges, he considers that attention should be paid to the progress made over the years and to joint efforts for women and girls to be part of the discussion and decision-making tables.

Meanwhile, Eliza Hoxha from the Democratic Party of Kosovo spoke on behalf of the women MPs in the Parliament of Kosovo, who said that Kosovo and the countries of the region have embraced the resolution of the United Nations Security Council for women in peace and security.

Hoxha emphasized that Kosovo is lucky that in its security force and in the police, there are many ladies who have success stories.