“The Blind” play met with applause by Shkodra audience and tourists

The play “Qorri” (The Blind) received rapturous applause from Shkodra’s art-loving public, who enjoyed a special evening at the “Arka” Youth Center.

Directed by Gert Palali, gracefully performed by talented young people, “Qorri” is a protest through art intended for the Albanian society to react to the phenomenon of violence against mothers, sisters, women and girls every day, putting the spotlight on the need to raise voice as a sign of awareness.

The title of the play draws attention to the blindness society shows every day towards the phenomena of violence, oppression, marginalization, etc.

“Qorri” is a production of the 2023 youth theater fund under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli.”

This activity was one of the stations as part of the summer season “KultArt” 2023, organized by the Ministry of Culture, which brings art and culture to the public.