Tajani criticizes Israel for ‘disproportionate reaction’

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani criticized Israel on Tuesday, saying the war it is waging on Hamas following the October 7 massacres is causing too many civilian victims.

“At this stage Israel’s reaction has become disproportionate,” Tajani told Radio1.
“There are too many victims who have nothing to do with Hamas”.

The minister called on Israel to “avoid reprisals against the Palestinian civilian population”.

Tajani also spoke about the furore that erupted over the weekend after an Italian singer, Ghali, made an appeal to ‘Stop Genocide’ at the end of his performance on the final night of the Sanremo Song Festival.

The appeal angered Israel’s Ambassador to Italy Alon Bar, who said that the festival had been used to spread hate.

The led to a statement by being read out by veteran TV presenter Mara Venier on Sunday on a show by State broadcaster Rai, which screens Sanremo, written by CEO Roberto Sergio that referred to the atrocities committed in the October 7 attacks and the plight of the hostages taken by Hamas.

The statement itself was accused of making no reference to the suffering of Palestinians.

Tajani told Radio1 that Venier’s intervention had restored “balance”.

“I do not believe there is genocide (being committed in Gaza),” he said.

“Israel is certainly in the wrong because it is causing too many civilian victims.

“We must aim to free the hostages and ensure that the violence of the Israeli attacks ceases”.