Students from the communities are trained how to protect themselves from unsafe information

“Deep fake” content, artificial intelligence, fake news and those with malicious intent are considered to be a growing trend, becoming “sworn enemies” of the truth. Meanwhile, the need for young people to be informed about this phenomenon is growing more and more.

This was said in today’s training, where over 20 students together with their teachers from the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian and Bosnian communities, from secondary schools in Peja, were trained on media education.

In this regard, young men and women from these communities commented on the importance of this training, while they expressed that they have received useful information to develop critical thinking about what the media serves them.

The student from the Egyptian community, Arjentin Elezaj, who attends the 12th grade of the “Ali Hadri” economic school, says that during the training, he was impressed by how “deep fake” can manage to manipulate the face and voice of someone else. He added that there will be critical thinking from now on about the photos and videos circulating in the media.

Meanwhile, the 12th grade student at the “Bedri Pejani” Gymnasium from the Bosnian community, Lejla Muric, expressed that she liked the discussion within the training, sharing different examples about disinformation.

Muric emphasized that after the training she learned that “not everything we see is true”.

Even the professor of Electronics from the Bosnian community, Ramo Mahmutovic, said that students and teachers from the communities need as much training as possible about the trend of false information. He emphasized that young people today are very exposed to erroneous information.

The manager of this project, Fadil Miftari, emphasized that the main goal is raising awareness of young people so that they are able to protect themselves from false information.

He added that the young people participating in this training were excited by the information they received on how to avoid absorbing unsafe information.

The project “Media education against disinformation for non-majority communities in Kosovo”, is supported by the Embassy of the United States in Prishtina.