Selection of Constanta, Dambovita cultural sites to be digitally modelled under international partnership

Global Digital Heritage and Romania’s National Heritage Institute will create detailed 3D models of a selection of cultural objects located in the easternmost Constanta County and in the south-central Dambovita County, to allow the public to explore and better understand the country’s cultural heritage; the relevant activities will take place between October 25 – November 6, the National Heritage Institute said in a release.

The 3D models will be generated through technologies such as photogrammetry and aerial imaging, using high-quality equipment and latest generation software for processing the collected data.

“The National Heritage Institute (INP), through the Digital Heritage Directorate, announces a series of activities to be carried out together with Global Digital Heritage (GDH) in the interval October 25 – November 6, 2023, dedicated to the digital preservation of the cultural heritage. The said activities are conducted under a multi-year partnership between INP and GDH. The costs of the digitization process are mostly covered by GDH. Global Digital Heritage is a not-for-profit organization based in Florida, USA ( that focuses on the documentation, preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage using digital technology. They use various technologies such as laser scanning, photogrammetry and 3D photography to create digital models of archaeological sites and other historical and cultural objects,” the release states.

“The modelling activities will take place in Dambovita and Constanta counties and will include the following sites: Targoviste, Dambovita County: Targoviste Princely Court, the ruins of Vlad Dracul’s Princely Residence, Chindiei Tower, ‘Assumption of the Virgin Mary’ Princely Church; Adamclisi, Constanta County: the Tropaeum Traiani Citadel, the ‘Tropaeum Traiani’ triumphal monument and the metopes housed by the Adamclisi Istria Archaeological Museum; Constanta County: the Histria Citadel archaeological site,” the release informs.