Stamp Factory, over 150 years old, receives complete new technological line

A new complete technological line was put into operation, on Thursday, at the Fabrica de Timbre / Stamp Factory, a branch of the Posta Romana / Romanian National Post Company (CNPR), specialized in printing services.

The investment in new equipment amounts to 3 million RON and aims at the conversion, scanning and archiving of documents with a data capture and extraction application.

The representatives of the Romanian Post point out that the new equipment constitutes a new line of business for the institution and, at the same time, contributes to the refurbishment of the Stamp Factory, which is 151 years old, so that it can serve the purpose and interests of the company at the standards required by the profile market and ensuring more services in the same in-house sphere.

Through the new acquisition, the national postal operator states that it will be able to participate in important tenders and contracts that it could not sign up for until now, because it could not offer this related service of scanning and electronic archiving.

Through the digital conversion of documents, clients will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by an electronic archiving system, without investing in expensive equipment and software applications. Thus, Fabrica de Timbre diversifies its range of services offered to third-party clients. The system has been operating for approximately two months and is already scanning old documents from the archives of the Romanian Post Office, which weigh an estimated one thousand tons, and which currently exist exclusively in physical format.

The history of the Stamp Factory begins on February 29, 1872, when the Stamp and Registration Law was adopted, through which the use of fiscal stamps in Romania was regulated.

In the last year, the Stamp Factory has experienced stages of re-engineering, which currently allow alignment with the latest typographical requirements in the field. Thus, for the development of the services offered, modern equipment and machines were purchased, which give a special quality to the products that bear the stamp “Printed at the Stamp Factory”.

Posta Romana is the market leader in the postal services sector and serves approximately 19 million Romanians, through an extensive network of 5,500 post offices. Currently, the company is owned by the Romanian state, represented by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization (93.52% of the share package) and Fondul Proprietatea (6.48%).