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Interior Minister: We are waiting for the results of our measures on migration

We expect in the coming days to see the results of the measures we have implemented regarding the migration issue, Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou said today, in a statement on the sidelines of a meeting with the Interim Coordinating Council of the Nicosia District Organization.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry, in response to a question on the measures taken to prevent the mass arrivals of migrants and the cooperation with Lebanon to prevent the departure of boats bound for Cyprus, Ioannou said that following the visit of a Cypriot delegation led by the President of the Republic to Lebanon, commitments were provided that the authorities of the country will do everything they can to prevent the departure of boats.

“A visit by a competent Commissioner is also imminent, as is a visit by the President of the European Commission with the President of the Republic (to Lebanon). Beyond that, we, as the Republic of Cyprus, have taken some other measures to prevent the flows, such as the one we announced on Saturday regarding the suspension of the examination of new applications, which was approved by the European Commission and we are waiting to see the results of our actions,” the Interior Minister stressed.

Moreover, when asked about the operation carried out by the Port Police since yesterday, the Minister did not want to comment, saying that it is part of the operational planning, while when asked if what was implemented yesterday is the plan B, Ioannou replied in the negative, adding that plan B will be officially announced when and if necessary.

Asked if there is an intention to review the measures, Ioannou noted that all measures are reviewed according to their effectiveness, the statement concludes.