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Slovenian President: Bulgaria and Slovenia Have No Unresolved Issues, Can Focus on Cooperating on Important European or Global Issues

Bulgaria and Slovenia have no open or unresolved issues and can focus on cooperating on issues that are important for Europe and the world, Slovenian President Natasa Pirc Musar said here Tuesday. She was speaking at a joint news briefing she held with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev.

Persident Musar is on an official visit here on President Radev’s invitation. 

Natasa Prits Musar thanked for Bulgaria’s assistance to Slovenia in the wake of the floods last year. “Many countries responded and helped in this difficult situation. The changes in our climate are certainly due to human carelessness, but Slovenia is working a lot on this area – so that we can prevent such disasters in other countries and pass on our experience,” she said. “What happened to us showed the great solidarity that exists between us and the countries of the European Union,” the Slovenian President added. 

She also noted the cultural links between the two countries. 

Her programme includes a visit to the southern city of Plovdiv Wednesday, where she will pay tribute to the Slovenian journalist and shorthand experts Anton Bezenšek. 

She also said: “Peace and security are the two backbones that connect us. The two countries have been partners for a long time in the EU and NATO. This year Slovenia celebrates 20 years since its accession to both organisations. Thank you for being in favour of the idea that our region will become more peaceful and stable by admitting the Western Balkan countries into this union, although it is clear that this will not happen with us alone. After Bulgaria joined the European Union, the region became more stable and our task is to help.”

She expressed her desire to see Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia resolve the open issues they have. 

She believes it is high time for the Western Balkan countries to join the EU “because if they don’t, the security space will not be complete”. “Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. This still reverberates in our heads and we must intensify our efforts to admit these countries to the EU,” said Natasa Prits Musar. 

The Slovenian President also noted that she had arrived in Bulgaria with a large business delegation, and at a business forum later today they will discuss opportunities for greater cooperation, economic and trade exchanges. 

“For 2022, we had a 40% increase in investments and exchanges. We really want this to increase in the future. For many Slovenian companies, Bulgaria is proving to be very attractive, also in the field of culinary and agricultural products and everything we have,” the Slovenian President said.