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Qendro to ATA: Growing number of tourists coming on cruise ships to Saranda

TIRANA, April 14/ATA/ In April, there have been several cruise ships coming to Saranda resort with tourists from different countries of the world on board.

Director of Saranda Port Alket Qendro told ATA that, “From April 1-11, 5 cruise ships with about 300 tourists from different countries arrived at the port of the coastal city”.

“Thus, the “Mv Hebridean Sky” cruise visited Saranda for the first time bringing 98 tourists mainly of English, Swedish, Irish, Canadian and Australian nationality”, said Qendro.

According to him, the tourists had the opportunity to visit the Archeological Park of Butrint, the city of Gjirokastra and Syri i Kaltër.

While on Friday, two “Athena and “Arethusa” visited Saranda resort.

“These two cruises return for the umpteenth time to the shores of the city of Saranda”, said Qendro.

He added that the flow of tourists coming by cruises continues to increase.

Regarding the number of passengers who entered by ferry, the Center said that, “From April 1-11, 4,400 passengers entered and left the port of Saranda”.

“While in the January-March period, the number of passengers is 79% higher than the same period of 2023. Specifically, 10,193 passengers entered and departed in January-March 2024 and 6,643 passengers entered and departed in the same period of 2023”, added Qendro.

During the current year, 2024, the port of Saranda has so far been booked by 43 cruises. The Sea Port, the Border Police Commissariat and Saranda Customs have taken all measures for the smooth running of the new tourist season. From Saranda to Corfu, the number of ferries and lines has increased. There are also two new companies that will operate this year.

Last year, cruises arrived at the port of Saranda until November, where tourists of different nationalities, English, Canadian, Dutch, visited the ancient city of Butrint, Gjirokastra and other archaeological sites around Saranda.

The city of Saranda is well-known for its stunning beaches and crystal clear water. In addition to the sun on the beach, Saranda also stands out for its history and culture: the castle of Lëkurës is magical, while the Archeological Park of Butrint arouses the curiosity of many tourists with its thousand-year history