Executive directors and 50 percent of Board members to be professionals

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs and member of the Presidency of the Europe Now Movement Filip Radulovic has said that the government aims to improve the performance of state-owned companies by professionalizing their boards of directors, adding that its actions demonstrate that it is on the right track.

“One of our key promises last year was the revitalization of the boards of directors of state-owned enterprises. This body has the highest level of responsibility as it represents the state. Therefore, our promise is that, following the German model, 50 percent of positions on the board of directors and executive directors will be professionals, individuals with experience in different sectors, such as law, economics, social sciences, crucial for the development of our economy,” Radulovic said.

He noted that the lack of responsibility they had witnessed in the past in the management boards was absolutely astonishing.

“We have all witnessed in the past two weeks how a weak and inefficient board can have consequences on the railway sector. Also, we recently had a situation where two boards of directors of maritime companies wanted to pay themselves huge bonuses at a time when companies could not pay their own debts,” said Radulovic.

He believes that people have been witnessing selfishness and unprofessionalism for too long, but now they recognize that new era has dawned. Everyone is excited about the changes and eager to contribute to the economic turnaround.