Security cameras with high artificial intelligence will soon be installed in the capital

The mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, said that from the beginning of this year, security cameras will be installed in the capital, which will be monitored by the police, reports KosovaPress.

He wrote on Facebook that these cameras have a high artificial intelligence, American-Canadian production, which he believes will help, through the police, to identify people who throw garbage, park on sidewalks or places where it is not allowed.

“Also, through this system, people involved in theft, beating or any such act will be identified, in record time, and we believe that it will reduce the number of these cases and increase the level of security in the capital”, he wrote.

The mayor of the capital has also spoken about the other expectations he has from the installation of these cameras.

“Persons who enter the one-way street by mistake, overtaking on a road with a single continuous dividing line, or traveling with an unregistered car, will be immediately identified by these cameras, which will send the signals to the police monitoring center, influencing such violations to occur as little as possible. The capital will be safer!”, he wrote.