Schmidt announces decisions that will prohibit those convicted of war crimes from holding office

The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, made decisions about the Srebrenica Memorial Center today, which will enable the Center to develop and expand its activities, especially those related to preserving the memory of the murdered to prevent denial of crimes, revisionism, and human rights violations.

”It is planned to expand the Center with the Institution for Education, which will include a team of international and domestic experts who are experienced in researching genocide and other war crimes,” he underlined.

He announced a new set of decisions that he will make if the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not make decisions in the next few weeks, he will be ready to put his signature on them.

”This includes the creation of a database of persons who have been convicted before the courts for committing genocide and other war crimes, and the second decision refers to the ban on the election to public offices of persons who have been convicted of war crimes and the awarding of awards and recognitions to such persons,” announced Schmidt.

The decisions are ready, but they have not been signed yet, and Schmidt said that serious efforts have been made to make decisions that will prevent the revisionism of historical facts.

He previously thanked everyone who contributed to the establishment of the Center and the legal regulation of its functioning, especially the mothers of those killed in the genocide, as well as former high representatives.

High Representative said that it is necessary to preserve the truth about those murdered and the heritage of the Memorial Center in such a way as to adequately oppose the denial of genocide and revisionism and the distortion of the truth established by international and domestic courts, which requires comprehensive and well-designed measures.