Europe House – Photo BiH exhibition which brings together existing and invites new talents

SARAJEVO, March 15 (FENA) – Europe House, in cooperation with the Association for Art Photography in BiH, Photo-Video Club Valter and Photo Club Mostar, presented to the Sarajevo audience the exhibition Photo BiH 2023, showcasing the best-selected works of BiH art photography. After the premiere in Mostar, where the founding of the Photo Club Mostar was also marked, the exhibition was opened at Europe House in the Eternal Flame building in Sarajevo.

Ferdinand Koenig, Head of Communications of the EU Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, joined by numerous guests, opened the exhibition and emphasized the importance of culture and art in the promotion and respect of common European values.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has enormous talent and I would like to thank our partners for bringing this talent to Europe House. I am glad that Europe House is genuinely becoming a space for art, culture, dialogue and exchange. It opened its doors to the public in October and it is exactly what we intended this space for. I am happy that this plan is being fulfilled, “ noted Koenig.

The annual BiH photography exhibition brings award-winning and best photographs of the members of this association and encourages lovers of photography and upcoming artists.

Zlatko Dukić, representative of the Association for Art Photography of BiH invited the audience to observe the presented artwork, chosen from over 120 nominated works and note the unique talent presented by the authors. “I invite you to stop for a moment and observe the art photography presented to us by authors from Trebinje, Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The majority of works tell individual immersive stories, including portraits, landscapes and photography of masses in motion,” said Dukić.

Zenir Šuko, a member of Photo-Video Club Valter, thanked for the opportunity to present the works of the partner organizations and their members in the best possible manner, especially given they are celebrating 15 years of work this year. “I also thank our colleagues from Photo Club Mostar, who gathered us here today, and that has rekindled the passion of Mostar-based artists to create lovely works,” added Šuko.

Guided by the idea of providing motivation and support to young artists, enthusiastic photographers from Mostar founded the Photo Club Mostar hoping that this new platform will encourage dialogue and more successful cooperation among BiH photographers.

Photo BiH exhibition of art photography is open for the public from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 at Europe House, Maršala Tita 62 in Sarajevo until April 3, 2024.

Europe House is a long-term communications project of the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina, superseding the EU Info Center in BiH, with its central office in Sarajevo (Europe House) and a network of Europe House Info Points across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a project, Europe House provides relevant information on programs, projects, institutions and policies of the European Union, as well as on relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union.  Europe House network activities include the organization of informative and inspiring events across BiH, with the aim of promoting European values in BiH.