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“Saranda Fish Festival”, a celebration of fishing tradition, but even culture

TIRANA, May 30/ATA/ In the coastal city of Saranda, there has been taking place the “Saranda Fish Festival”, a two-night event that celebrates not only the beautiful tradition of fishing, but also the culture, history of nautical and Albanian hospitality.

From May 28 to June 1, the agenda of the “Saranda Fish Festival” carries a variety of activities and concerts.

Mayor of Saranda Oltion Çaçi was also present at the opening ceremony of this festival in the city promenade. He invited citizens from all over the country, but also foreign tourists to join this activity, calling it “a wonderful trip of tradition, art and culture in Saranda”.

“I hope that this tourist year will be even better than last year”, said Çaçi.

Every evening, the visitors have the opportunity to enjoy an enlivened atmosphere with various activities, from live music by well-known artists to art shows. The festival will be an ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends.

Famous singers of the Albanian musical stage such as Elhaida Dani, Aleksandër Gjoka, Redon Makashi and Elton Deda and the polyphonic group of Saranda are scheduled to perform.

The visitors have also expressed an interest in the museum dedicated to nautical in Saranda, where its history is revealed through images, documents and objects, which are the living evidence of the city full of tradition and history.

During the festival, there is also a space dedicated to children, a world like in fairy tales that encourages them to unfold their imagination, love each other, the sea and nature with activities with animators, paintings, film screenings, balloon creation, games, music and fun.

Food is of course an important part of the festival. The visitors have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes of the area, especially fish-based dishes. Talented chefs prepare wonderful recipes that reflect Saranda’s gastronomic wealth.

Also, there are shown movies in the open on the history and culture of the region, offering a unique opportunity to learn more about Saranda and its traditions.

Saranda Fish Festival is an excellent opportunity to experience the depth of Saranda’s fishing culture and tradition.

With a rich and varied program of activities, the festival aims to be an unforgettable event for all participants.