Romanian Cultural Institute marking Union of Bessarabia with Romania through several events

The Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and its representatives abroad are organising a series of cultural events dedicated to the 106th anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania on Wednesday.

* The National Museum of Art of Romania and the National Museum of Art of Moldova in Chisinau (MNAM), in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute, are organising, on Wednesday, from 15,00, the opening of the exhibition “A Century of Bessarabian Painting. A hundred works from the MNAM collection”. The one hundred works represent an overview of the school of painting in the current space of the Republic of Moldova from 1896 to 2021, when many changes took place both politically and culturally.

* The Romanian Cultural Institute is a partner of the project “Marin Sorescu. Thirst of the Mountain of Salt”, which is part of the National Campaign Artists for Artists organised by UNITER. The event-show created by director Mariana Camarasan brings together groups from different theatres and cities on the stage of the Bucharest National Theatre (TNB), on Wednesday, at 17,00, at the Atelier Hall of TNB.

The event brings together for the first time the plays of the Sorescu trilogy, productions of three theatres from Romania and the Republic of Moldova: “Iona” with Lari Giorgescu, directed by Victor Ioan Frunza, a production of Teatrul Dramaturgilor Romani of Bucharest; “Matca” with Antonia Barancea in the main role, a production by Mariana Camarasan, a production of Teatrul Fara Nume of Chisinau – Republic of Moldova (in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Eminescu” in Chisinau); “Paracliserul” with Claudiu Bleont, adapted from the production of the National Theatre “Lucian Blaga” of Cluj-Napoca.

* ICR Chisinau, in collaboration with the Organ Hall of Chisinau, organises on March 28 the classical music concert of the National Chamber Orchestra of the Organ Hall under the baton of guest conductor Traian Ichim, together with pianist Andrei Licaret. The programme includes creations by Romanian composers and works from world classical music.

* The ICR organises and hosts, at its headquarters, the exhibition “Lumina din umbre” (“Light from Shadows”), signed by artists Galina Vieru and Natalia Yampolskaia, both from the Republic of Moldova.

* The ICR, through the Historical Communities Department of the Directorate General of Representations Abroad and Historical Communities, will organise the project “The Hour of Romanians in Romanian Historical Communities,” which aims to hold lectures dedicated to Romanians in historical communities, within the framework of courses held at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest.

In the same anniversary framework, ICR Chisinau organised, on March 25, 2024, a conference followed by the screening of the documentary Maria – the heart of Romania (2018, directed by Trevor Poots), and IRCCU Venice, Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies of the University of Padua and the Society of Romanian Studies “Miron Costin,” held in Milan on March 24, the conference “The Celebration and International Recognition of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania (1918-1920),” held by Rector of the State University of Moldova Prof. Igor Sarov.

The Day of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania is celebrated every year on March 27, as established by Law No. 36/2017. AGERPRES