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LIK Magazine “Bulgarian Science in Antarctica” to Be Presented in All BTA Press Clubs on May 30

Bulgarian Science in Antarctica is the theme of the May issue of LIK magazine. On Thursday, May 30, it will be presented over videostream in all Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) press clubs in the country and abroad. The issue tells about the second voyage of the Bulgarian naval research vessel Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii (RSV 421) to Antarctica and back, focusing on the scientific projects that were part of the 32nd Bulgarian Antarctic expedition.

The RSV 421 set sail for the Bulgarian Antarctic Base on Livingston Island from the Black Sea port of Varna on November 8, 2023, with an official ceremony. The ship  on April 3, 2024. BTA once again published detailed information about the ship’s entire voyage, its stay on Livingston Island and its return in the , with BTA special correspondent Emil Granicharov on board.

In a ceremony held on November 8, 2023, the RSV 421 set sail from the passenger terminal of the Varna Sea Port for Antarctica. She returned to Bulgaria in early April. Similar for the research vessel’s first voyage, this time BTA also provided coverage of RSV 421’s round trip to and the layover period in Antarctica. BTA’s special correspondent Emil Granicharov was on board for a considerable part of the voyage and his reports can be seen in Bulgaria – Antarctica: BTA’s Log.

The LIK magazine features highlights from the articles that appeared in BTA’s newsfeed during the second voyage of RSV 421.

During the 32nd Bulgarian Antarctic expedition, BTA published video interviews with Bulgarian Antarctic explorers every Tuesday and Thursday. It presented all scientific projects with video, photos and text materials prepared together with the scientists before their departure. BTA’s special correspondent Emil Granicharov was able to interview some of the scientists on site while they were conducting their research in Antarctica. BTA journalists also spoke to some of them after their return to follow up on the results of their research.

The BTA edition tells about the projects of microbiologist and biotechnologist Dr. Snezhana Rusinova, biologist Kiril Kandilarov, geologist Dr. Ralitsa Sabeva, physicist Tsvetan Parov, biologist Tihomir Stefanov, marine geologist Dr. Raina Christova, hydrobiologist Lyubomir Kenderov, ichthyology and hydrobiology professor Eliza Uzunova, musicologist Marina Velikova, doctor in electronics Peter Sapundzhiev, biochemistry professor Dr. Albena Alexandrova and medical doctor Atanas Peltekov.

Within these interviews with the scientists, readers can discover information on how climate change is impacting Antarctica, whether fish are forced to consume microplastics, and how the lengthy journey across the ocean influences the human body and emotions.

Construction of the main building of the new modern science laboratory at the Bulgarian base on Livingston Island was successfully completed during the 32nd Antarctic expedition, which took place in late 2023 and early 2024. It happened thanks to the help of RSV 421 for the delivery of building materials. Prof Christo Pimpirev, President of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute, said that construction work is done so that the building can be still in use in the 22nd century.

BTA’s log and and the LIK magazines feature curious stories from the voyage, such as how on New Year’s Eve RSV 421 took part in an operation to assist the El Doblon motor yacht in distress near the Drake Passage, how Bulgarian geologists came across the wreckage of a crashed 1976 Argentine Navy plane, which the RSV 421 crew took back to Argentina and received special thanks for.