Romania’s trade deficit down by 15.1 pct in 2023, year-over-year

Romania’s FOB/CIF trade balance deficit was 28.947 billion euros, in 2023, 5.142 billion euros lower (-15.1%) than in 2022, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics published on Friday.

In 2023, FOB exports totalled 93.098 billion euros, up 1.3%, while CIF imports totalled 122.045 billion euros, down 3.2% compared to 2022.

The product groups with a significant share of the country’s trade in the reporting period were: machinery and transport equipment (44.8% for exports and 36.8% for imports) and other manufactured products (29.8% for exports and 28.7% for imports).

Intra-EU27 trade exchanges amounted to 67.574 billion euros on the outbound and 89.500 billion euros on the inbound, accounting for 72.6% of total exports and 73.3% of total imports.

Extra-EU27 trade exchanges in 2023 amounted to 25.523 billion euros in exports and 32.544 billion euros in imports, representing 27.4% of total exports and 26.7% of total imports.