Rockeeet music is launched, Murati: Speeex supports young people in art

The Speeex company has organized the Siana Foundation ceremony which launched Rockeeet music, where it was presented in an “unplugged” event.

The director of Speeex, Fikret Murati, said that this initiative was taken to support young people in the field of art.

“Kosovo has given the world many stars. We must be active, so this initiative has been taken to support young people in all spheres of art. This is understandable for us as Speeex to be active”, he said.

The artistic director of this program, Florent Boshnjaku, said that Speeex’s vision will help art and culture in Kosovo.

“When a vision begins to be realized, it is something truly amazing. When a vision begins to be realized as Fikret Murati has realized Speeex, it is something extraordinary. With the realization of this vision, Fikret has understood a responsibility and said that what he will do is to help art and culture in the country, especially for young people”, he said.

The mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, also participated in the ceremony, who said that this is a fantastic platform for young people in art and culture.

“A foundation that will now give our young people a fantastic platform for art and culture. A foundation that will create new talents and opportunities for our youth. As the mayor of the capital, I have the aspect of art and culture in my heart”, he said.

ROCKEEET Music is a new and innovative initiative that aims to promote the unique sounds of Kosovo’s musical talent. Through this platform artists can showcase their skills in an attractive environment. Their aim is to highlight the richness of Kosovo’s musical heritage and its modern interpretations. /E.Z./