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New archaeological center near Korça added to tourist potential of region

TIRANA, June 21/ATA/ A new archaeological center is added to the rich cultural and archaeological heritage of Korça area.

Prefect of Korça region Nertil Jole personally visited the works of the Albanian-French archaeological expedition there and gave the news in the social media.

The recent research efforts of the Albanian-French team led by Dr. Rovena Kurti Ruka (Institute of Archeology) and prof. Armelle Gardeisen (University of Montepellier) have brought to light the first archaeological evidence of a hill settlement above the village of Barç, known by the local people as the “Barç Castle”. During this expedition, there are being discovered architectural traces of different periods, indicating continuous habitation in this place during the Iron Age and the Illyrian Civil Age, about 2800 years ago.

Prefect Jole said that the researchers engaged in the project will bring data from different aspects of the life of the community located in this settlement, which offers another tourist potential for the region of Korça and beyond./p.s./