Record number of cruise passengers, Mediterranean cities introducing restrictions

This year the number of cruise ship passengers has doubled from the pre-pandemic 2019, so companies are asking port cities like Dubrovnik and Venice to allow them more entries, the Cruise Lines International Association’s director for Europe, Marie-Caroline Laurent, said on Friday.

Compared to other tourism sectors, cruise lines have recovered the fastest after the COVID-19 pandemic, she told the EFE Spanish news agency.

Thanks to strong demand growth in Europe and America, theВ number of cruise ship passengers could reach 31.5 million by the end of the year.

The liners are practically full for 2024 because demand has never been higher, said Laurent.

Some cities on the Mediterranean like Dubrovnik, Venice and Barcelona fear so many tourists, therefore restricting the entry of giant liners whose passengers flood the historic landmarks, have a negative effect on the environment, strain the road infrastructure and disrupt the everyday life of locals.

We can’t force cities to welcome cruise ships, but they should know that many jobs go hand in hand with them, Laurent said.

Dubrovnik, for example, does not want two ships with 2,500 or 3,000 passengers each to dock at the same time.