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Center for Prehistoric Research hosts online conference of archeologists

The Center for Prehistoric Research is hosting Wednesday an online international conference of archaeologists who will discuss the Balkans in prehistoric times.

According to organizers, 40 archaeologists from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, the United States of America, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia will take part in the virtual symposium.

This is the 9th conference of the Center for Prehistoric Research. For nearly a decade, it has gathered renowned experts in archeology and cultural heritage to present and discuss latest research in the field, organizers say.

This year’s 15 papers focus on findings in archeological sites around the Balkans. Participants will also consider “theoretical concepts of Neolithic chronology and societies, their natural environment and the ditches that surrounded settlements at that time, ceramics and tools they made, livestock and agriculture, Bronze Age stilt houses as well as Iron Age burials,” organizers add.

As part of the online event, the Center for Prehistoric Research will also release the proceedings from its last year’s conference, which was held in Ohrid.

The gathering, organizers point out, contributes to improving communication between Balkan and European archaeologists and opens new perspectives for international collaboration.

“This way, prehistoric cultural heritage becomes more accessible to regional experts, providing opportunities for more responsible research and more comprehensive understanding,” organizers say.