Government debt amounts to 60.18 percent of GDP at the end of September

According to the Ministry of Finance, the total government debt, excluding deposits, amounted to €3.98 billion or 60.18 percent of the gross domestic product at the end of September.

“Including deposits, the total government debt amounted to €3.75 billion or 56.6 percent of GDP at the end of September,” stated a report published by the Ministry.

The report stated that the external debt amounted to €3.59 billion or 54.25 percent of GDP, while the internal one amounted to €393.14 million or 5.93 percent of GDP.

According to the report, the deposits amounted to €237.33 million at the end of September, including 38,450 ounces of gold, or 3.58 percent of GDP.

“Compared with the second quarter, the government debt decreased by around €37.71 million in the third quarter,” states the report.