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Qendro for ATA: Saranda is growing into a popular tourist attraction

TIRANA, March 24 /ATA/ In recent years, Saranda has become a popular destination for foreign tourists.

The number of reservations made by the cruise ships in the port of Saranda, where a large number of them are expected to arrive in 2024, is indicative of this fact.

The director of the port of Saranda, Alket Qendro, told ATA that “for the year 2024, the port of Saranda has been booked by 43 cruise ships that will drop anchor in our city. Tourists aboard these cruises will visit the tourist spots of Saranda and other nearby cities such as Gjirokastra, Përmeti, etc. The first cruise ship is expected to arrive in April.

According to him, the arrival of foreign tourists with these cruises has a very positive impact on the economy of the country and especially of Saranda and its nearby cities.

“The Sea Port, the Border Police, the Captain’s Office and Saranda Customs office have taken all measures for the smooth running of the new tourist season. From Saranda to Corfu, the number of ferries and lines has increased with two new companies set to operate this year”, said Qendro.

Regarding the number of passengers during the months of January and February of this year, Qendro said that “5175 passengers entered and left the port of Saranda, an increase of 35.9% compared to the same period of 2023, which recorded 3898 passengers.”

Last year cruise ships docked at at the port of Saranda until November. Tourists of different nationalities, English, Canadian, Dutch, visited the ancient city of Butrint, Gjirokastra and other archaeological sites around Saranda.

The city of Saranda is famed for its lovely beaches and crystal clear water. In addition to the sun and the beaches, Saranda is steeped in history and culture: the castle of Lëkurës is enchanting, while the Archeological Park of Butrint arouses the curiosity of many tourists with its thousand-year history.