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Projects for 2024, Veliaj: 3 urban electric lines will be added to Tirana while project for botanical gardens is being conceived

Mayor Erion Veliaj spoke about the projects for Tirana in 2024.

Veliaj said that there is currently being conceived the project for the development of the Botanical Gardens. According to him, the goal is for the Botanical Gardens should not remain isolated, but must be developed in the same way as the zoo.

“We are conceiving the project on the Botanical Gardens. I think that this is what the capital is missing. A combination of visiting the zoo with the botanical gardens would be a unique experience. What changed in the zoo that made it accessible is something that we can do very well in the botanical gardens, as well”, said Veliaj.

Meanwhile, the mayor said that 3 urban electric lines will be added to Tirana.

“The biggest strategic project is the one we signed last week. We signed a contract with the German Development Bank and the EU of 50 million Euro loan and 30 million grant; we will have three bus lines”, stated Veliaj.