Producer prices in agriculture down 14.1%

ZAGREB, 14 Feb (Hina) – The average producer prices of agricultural products in Q4 2023 dropped 14.1% from the same period of 2022, show data from the national statistical office (DZS).

The producer prices of plant products dropped by 19.4% while the prices of live animals, poultry and livestock products rose by 0.3%.

Producer prices grew for all plant products except for groups that account for the largest portion of plant production. Producer prices dropped for cereals, by 50.6%, and for industrial crops, by 23%.

At the same time, the producer prices of vegetables grew by 15%, as did the producer prices of fruit, by 4.5%, wine, by 10.3%, olive oil, by 10.9%, etc.

In the group of products that account for the largest portion of livestock farming, producer prices grew in Q4 2023 the most for pigs, by 5.1%, and bovine animals, 1.2%. At the same time, milk prices dropped by 2.6% and the prices of eggs dropped by 4.8%, while the prices of poultry remained the same.

Fertilizer prices down 53.4%

Prices of goods and services for current use in Q4 2023 dropped by 21.1% from Q4 2022.

The drop was mostly due to a drop in fertilizer, fodder and energy prices.

Energy prices dropped by 14.2%, fertilizer prices by 53.4% and fodder prices by 26.6%.

The prices of seed and seedlings grew by 12.7%, the prices of veterinary services rose by 11.5% and the prices of plant protection products by 4%.