Private accommodation occupancy declines

According to Branka Dzoganovic, the director of the Association of Private Accommodation Providers, compared with last year, the private accommodation occupancy is generally weaker this season.

She said that there were certain variations depending on the city and region, but not to a significant extent.

Dzoganovic told Mina-business agency that the northern region performed better than the southern one, but the majority of the capacity was still in the southern region.

“Prices were around ten percent higher compared to last year, guests started to arrive late – in the second half of July, they tend to stay shorter, and the season was also characterized by cancellations,” Dzoganovic stated.

According to her, the majority of guests are from the region, followed by the diaspora, but there is also a significant number of transit guests.

Commenting on the announcements by government officials that Montenegro is heading towards a record-breaking season, Dzoganovic said that no records would be broken in private accommodation, adding that it would not be good to see this season repeat ever again.

She also presented expectations regarding prices and tourist arrivals in the post-season.

“Accommodation providers have adjusted prices by up to 30 percsent for the upcoming period, but considering the (in)accessibility, well-known infrastructural shortcomings, and the beginning of obligations for tourists from the markets we are accessible to, we do not expect any surprises,” Dzoganovic said.