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Preventing discrimination against women, Koçiu: UNO appreciates Albania’s work

Minister of Health and Social Protection, Albana Koçiu, held a meeting on Monday with representatives of the National Council for Gender Equality.

Koçiu informed that the meeting delved on the harmonization of efforts between institutions in the fight against gender-based violence, as well as the importance of the contribution of all actors in raising awareness to not justify violence in any form and day of the year.

“We shared together the good news that the United Nations Committee of Experts has appreciated the work done by Albania to implement the Convention for the Prevention of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, but we remain committed to delivering more,” she says.

Minister Koçiu also emphasized that the drafting and implementation of the Intersectoral Strategy for the protection of crime victims for the years 2024-2030, as well as the Action Plan for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 on “women, peace and security” come in the followup to efforts in this battle, as the whole society benefits from the contribution of women.