Podgorica is an attractive investment destination with great potential

It was concluded at the third Podgorica Investment Forum that the Capital City was an attractive investment destination with great potential in different fields that needed to be fully leveraged in the upcoming period to increase economic growth and improve citizens’ quality of life.

It was noted at this event, which was held on Monday, that the Capital City would be committed to achieving this goal in cooperation with the Government and other stakeholders.

Mayor Olivera Injac said that Podgorica’s dynamic development and attainment of its full potential were yet to come, adding that events like that one offered a significant opportunity for establishing connections, and exchanging opinions, knowledge, and experience.

“Given the importance and role of the Podgorica Investment Forum as a crucial event for promoting Podgorica and its potentials, I appreciate the opportunity to promote the city as an attractive investment destination,” said Injac.

She pointed out that in the era of strengthening the global market, the ability to recognize and use opportunities became the main goal of local and national governments.