Krišto: The future of our region depends primarily on our willingness to closely cooperate

SARAJEVO/SKOPJE, January 22 (FENA) – The Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto, addressed today via video link the participants of the leaders’ meeting on the European Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, which is being held in Skopje.

Krišto said that last week in Davos, at the World Economic Forum, the politicians discussed many topics, including the topic of today’s conference – the new package of the European Union growth plan for our region.

She stated that based on the numerous talks so far, including on this topic, it is clear “that we are all aware of the importance of fair dialogue and the necessity of our close cooperation, both within the region and also with the European Union”.

“The fact that we have such a high degree of agreement, and even consensus, when it comes to access, upgrading and implementation of the new Western Balkans Growth Plan is an additional encouragement and incentive for all of us to do additional work,” said the Chair of the BiH Council of Ministers.

According to her, the future of our region depends primarily on our willingness to continue cooperation that will allow us to find compromises for permanent and sustainable solutions.

“In the time ahead, it is certainly good that we all see this together as a historic opportunity that will enable the improvement of our domestic economies, and as a tool that will help us in the process of faster accession to the European Union, which is of exceptional importance for us in Bosnia and Herzegovina since as we expect the opening of negotiations to happen soon,” stated Krišto.